Best sex positions with escorts

The best sex positions with escorts involves intimacy, adventurousness and variety. If a client is unsure of the sex position he prefers, then an escort will be willing to try different positions. The most popular sex positions with an escort are missionary, cowgirl, spooning and doggy style.

Missionary sex is where the escort lays on her back with her legs apart. The client positions himself on top of the escort, using his arms to take his weight. The client and the escort face each other. They are able to have intimate contact and a girlfriend experience. The escort can touch the client’s body all over. They can kiss and have eye contact. The missionary position is considered to be the best sex position for intimacy and romance.

Cowgirl position the best sex position for men wanting to take the submissive role. For clients who want to relax, let her do the work but still have all the pleasure. The man lays on his back and the escort straddle him, like a cowgirl would ride a horse. Hence the positionĀ“s name. The escort controls the speed and depth of the penetration. The client has unobstructed view of the escorts beautiful naked body. If she leans forward, he can touch and caress her. She can lean forward for a kiss. The escort can lean back so the client can stimulate her clitoris. The escort can also turn her body around, what’s known as reverse cowgirl sex position.

Spooning is the best sex position for clients who lack energy or have a disability. It is the best sex position for comfort. The intimacy level is very high, due to the fact there is close full body contact and hands are free to touch. The client lays on his side. The escort lays on her same side in front of the client. Her entire back is pushed up against his front. The escort slightly raises her leg to allow his penis to enter her. It is a form of cuddling with sexual intercourse. It is said the escort and client fit together like spoons. This is also a great alternative if an escort enjoys anal sex as well. It is a loving position to fall asleep with an escort. Wrap her up in your arms and feel her full naked body against yours. Every escorts and clients enjoy the tenderness of spooning.

Doggy style or doggie style is where the escort and client literally have sex the way dogs do. The escort positions herself on all fours with her hands and knees. Her legs are apart. The client positions himself behind her. This is the best position for clients who want to take the dominant role. The client can caress the escorts back, pull her hair and massage her clitoris. If the escorts offer the service, the client can also penetrate her anus. Known as anal sex. Or A Levels in the escort industry. This position can be considered as unintimate, because there is not a lot of body contact, kissing or eye contact. Other clients consider this position to be very kinky and wild. Some clients think this is the best position because the escort cannot see his cum face.

These are the best sex positions based on popularity. The Kama Sutra is a popular book that can give clients an insight in to other sexual positions available.