Public view on escort agencies

Then public view on escort agencies can differ into 3 opinions. There is no denying that there is a need for escort agencies. From the number of escorts who join every year. To the thousands of escorts who remain working. To the millions of men who use them. The proof is in the pudding that escort agencies are needed by the public. The three different opinions are:

The public think that there is a need for escorts, but don’t personally use them

The public think there is a need for escorts, and personally use them.

The public think escorts are bad and should not be allowed.

There is a public’s view that there is a need for escort agencies even though a person may not personally use them. It’s likely they know a person who does. And for reasons such as disabilities or loneliness, they find this perfectly acceptable. Although the person does not use escorts themselves, they understand there is a need for escorts for those people that do. They also understand that jobs are hard to come by and the reason why many women turn to prostitution. This doesn’t necessarily mean they could ever join an escort agency themselves. There is a public opinion of live and let live. If clients are happy to see escorts and women are happy to be escorts, then let them get on with their lives. As long as no one is being harmed, the public’s view of opinion one is that, it’s between two consenting adults behind closed doors.

Opinion two, is the view for all the millions of men and women who do actually use the services of escorts. For them, it is an essential part of their lives. The understand the need for escorts in society. There are so many different mental and physical reasons why escort agencies are needed for these millions of clients. Their honest opinion is life just wouldn’t be worth living without escort agency services. Let’s face it, relationships whether they be sexual, or friendship are a vital part of human society. This human contact has a knock-on effect for the clients every day health needs. And this is exactly what escort agencies provide!

Opinion 3 is the views of the public who feel escort agencies should be banned. They believe escorts are degrading themselves. They believe prostitutes are victims of male abuse. And escort agencies are nothing more than pimps, telling the escorts what to do and taking part of their earnings. These members of the public would stop talking to a person if they found out she was an escort or someone who uses the services of escort agencies. They would never use an escort agency and would never become an escort themselves. The fact is, they don’t understand how escort agencies help the public. Many negative views are from women with little or no understanding of the escort industry. They jealous people who are concerned that their partners would use the services of escorts. So, they would rather put down escort agencies as a prevention.