Staying in with an escort

Staying in with an escort can be fun as well as romantic. Having the privacy can be peaceful relaxing and very intimate. A client, whether its male or female, can be open with an escort when they stay in. There are no prying eyes or nosey ears when you stay in doors with an escort. You never have to worry about bumping into someone you know and having to answer awkward questions. An escort can travel to a client’s home or hotel as an outcall and stay in. Or the client can travel to the escort, as in incall and stay in. Having a romantic home date, can be the best experience with an escort.

Depending on the duration that you have booked your escort for, there are plenty of things to do behind closed doors. Some clients may just book an escort for some private sexual time. An escort can usually presume that for bookings under 2 hours, the client most likely want time to spend in the bedroom. But for longer bookings or overnight bookings, there is more time to fill.

Food is usually bought by the client as a Takeaway. He may enjoy cooking for the escort or they cook together. However, the food is prepared to your table, a candle lit dinner for two in privacy is often more enjoyable than a busy and noisy restaurant. The escort or client can play some of their favorite soft music whilst they talk and get to know each other better.

Watching a movie, snuggled up with your favourite escort is the ultimate girlfriend experience! In the summer, it can be a naked or skimpy dressed cuddle. Or in the winter, there is nothing more romantic than snuggling under a warm blanket with a beautiful escort. And watching a good movie. Feeding each other popcorn. Having a kiss and a fondle. You may even watch some porn together, which is very popular when clients stay in! If there is a television in the bedroom, it may be preferable to watch a movie or porn in bed.

The main fact about staying in with an escort is the sexual privacy factors. Clients can enjoy erotic fetishes or fantasy roleplay, and no one will ever know or see. The sexual fetish can be bizarre or perverted and that’s absolutely acceptable in doors. Water sports can be done with an escort in the bath tub. Whilst many clients and escorts enjoy outdoor sex, there is always a risk that they will be seen. Staying in with an escort ensures an appointment is safer and securer.

There are of course many adult games that you can enjoy when you stay in doors with an escort. From strip trivia, to strip poker or strip twister. To scrabble or cards.

The important point about booking an escort to stay in with, is she will be perfectly happy to do what makes the client happy. Some clients even book escorts to just sleep with! A naked woman next to them in bed is all it takes to get a peaceful night’s sleep in doors.